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Feedback days capitalization report
This report presents the lessons learned from the "Feedback Days" method introduced in the project - a method of taking into account the beneficiaries' feedback, complementary to the complaints mechanism
Publication : 2021

Problem Management Plus (PM+) for economic recovery
Capitalization report on the primary results of integrated implementation of psychosocial support and economic recovery within the framework of the RESILAC project.
Publication : 2020 - Only in French

Implementation of social cohesion activities
Capitalization report on the implementation of social cohesion activities during RESILAC project.
Publication : 2022

Implementation of psychosocial support activities
Capitalization report on the implementation of psychosocial support activities during RESILAC project.
Publication: 2022

Implementation of actions related to the Localization of aid
Capitalisation report on the implementation of localisation activities of the RESILAC project (support to civil society organizations, local state partners, community approaches).
Publication: 2022

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