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Study on Social Cohesion in the Lake Chad Basin, 2020 

This research aims to clarify and specify to what extent and for what purposes aid can support endogenous conflict prevention, mediation and resolution mechanisms, and how it can contribute to strengthening social cohesion at the community level.

Contrasting Impacts of the Security Crisis on Land Tenure in the Lake Chad Region, 2020

This research analyzes the impact of the security crisis on land tenure dynamics in the Lake Chad region (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon), in order to specify the frameworks, the local land tenure situations and the impacts of the security crisis as a function of proximity to the epicenter of the crisis.

Social Cohesion Brochure, 2020

This RESILAC brochure presents the major issues related to social cohesion and the flagship programs put in place to strengthen it. 

Land Tenure Brochure, 2020 

This brochure clarifies the issues related to land conflicts in the 4 countries of intervention, and presents the RESILAC programs implemented. 

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