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The treatment of psychological disorders in the Lake Chad Basin, 2022
The populations of Lake Chad are confronted with a crisis with multiple factors which impacts their psychic life and generates mental, psychotic, depressive or even neurotic disorders.
This study aims to analyze the individual strategies and collective dynamics that condition mental health and to understand the endogenous mechanisms of care in the Lake Chad basin.

Key messages

International aid and the changing face of crisis, 
Good management & cooperation practises
in complex protracted crisis situations, 2022

This research aims to better understand the influence of operating methods on the effectiveness of a multi-actor and multi-sectoral international solidarity intervention in a complex and lasting crisis situation.
Discover the key messages of this study below (full report only in French).

Key messages (english)

Study on Social Cohesion in the Lake Chad Basin, 2020 
This research aims to clarify and specify to what extent and for what purposes aid can support endogenous conflict prevention, mediation and resolution mechanisms, and how it can contribute to strengthening social cohesion at the community level.

Key messages

Can a territorial approach help to reinforce resilience in a crisis context? 2022
This research focuses on the "territorial approach" applied by the RESILAC project, which adapts its intervention to the specificities of the territories and local realities. Through this approach, the dualism of aid (humanitarian vs. development) is overcome in order to emphasize the role and place of territorial actors within the projects in order to bring about social change. Key messages in English - Full report only available in French.

Key messages (english)

Study on the gender issue in the socio-economic development of the Lake Chad, 2022
By taking stock of the evolution of women's socio-economic and political conditions and their role in the local and family economy since the multifactorial crisis in the Lake Chad Basin, by reporting on the collective perceptions of the populations and by analysing the link between women's economic empowerment, this research aims to understand the place of gender in socio-economic development in the Lake Chad basin. The report is only available in French.
Key mesages (eng)

Contrasting Impacts of the Security Crisis on Land Tenure in the Lake Chad Region, 2020
This research analyzes the impact of the security crisis on land tenure dynamics in the Lake Chad region (Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon), in order to specify the frameworks, the local land tenure situations and the impacts of the security crisis as a function of proximity to the epicenter of the crisis.

Key messages

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